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Reclaim Your Divinity -
Inner-child series

Date: Part One: CONNECT - July 13, 2021

Part Two: EMBODY - July 20, 2021

Time: 7pm - 9:30pm

Location: Etobicoke

Part One: CONNECT -

An immersive experience wherein you can Connect with your inner-child and begin the process of healing. It includes: guided grounding meditation, an inner-child regression in third person, reiki and energy healing, clinical and spiritual psychoeducation and a discussion + Q&A

Part Two: EMBODY - 

After making contact with your inner child, you will allow to begin the process of alchemizing by experiencing our inner child on a personal level; in first person. It includes: guided grounding meditation, an inner-child regression in first person, reiki and energy healing, clinical and spiritual psychoeducation and a discussion + Q&A

Please refer to "Blog" section of the website to understand more about inner-child parts work.


Anyone can join! This circle is a safe, supportive space to help embody ease, peace and love. 

Priestess Healing Circle -

Forgiveness Ceremony

Date: Jan 11, 2020

Time: 11am - 2pm

Location: The Rock Store, Toronto

Start the New Year by releasing what no longer serves you under the energy of the very first Full Moon in 2020. The Priestess Healing Circle invites you to kick off the year with a full heart.


In this workshop, participants will indulge in a forgiveness ceremony complemented with visualizations that will ignite your Divine Feminine energy. The year 2019 has brought many challenges, provoked shifts and have been the catalyst to major inner-transformation for so many, including ourselves.


Along with the forgiveness ceremony and guided meditations, we will explore the significance of the Full Moon, intention-setting, angelic numbers, the Galactic year of the Divine Feminine and the power of the heart chakra. 


Anyone can join! This circle is a safe, supportive space to help us enter the New Year with ease, peace and love. 

Subconscious Meditation - 

PLT Regression

Date: Jan 24, 2020

Time: 7pm - 930pm

Location: Bliss Yoga Studio

The intention is to access and completely ignite your subconscious mind through the powers of meditation! Having been certified by the pioneer himself, Dr. Brian Weiss, this is an opportunity for individuals interested in a deeper healing.

To highlight, the subconscious mind is neither critical or analytical. Nor is it rational. It is mechanical. People often get this part confused but it is actually the subconscious mind that manifests into the physical plane what is being programmed into it. This is what New Age philosophers deem as "the Hologram Theory" - your external reality if just a holographic projection of your internal reality aka your subconscious imprints.

In order to change a subjects present behaviour or replace it with a different behaviour, all is required is to present the subconscious with new suggestions that are acceptable, reasonable, and at the best interest of the subjects. This is why hypnosis is becoming evidence-based due to its direct ability to reinforce positive results. 

On a spiritual level, it is a movement towards karmic balance (homeostasis). It helps us to understand more profoundly the mind-body-spirit connection and how we are evolving souls that are responsible for creating our reality. We gain to realize our true connectedness to Spirit and to give meaning to each moment-to-moment awareness. Not only is Past-Life Regression (PLT) helpful in alleviating physical symptoms but it highlights the embedded karmic imprints that are not longer serving you to release in order to attain symptom relief. 

IMPACT Initiative -

Empathy versus Sympathy

Date: Nov 1, 2019

Time: 11am

Location: McMaster University, ON

"The IMPACT Initiative is an interdisciplinary collaboration that engages undergraduate and graduate students from Engineering, Biology/Science, Occupational Healthcare Partners, and volunteer clients. Since, 2011, the IMPACT team has provided collaborative teaching and learning opportunities that encourage faculty, students, healthcare partners to apply their knowledge to invent customized accessibility devices". 


I personally had the pleasure and complete honour to be a guest speaker for the Science 2P03 Impactful Initiatives in Health. I presented on Friday November 1, 2019 in front of 70 students and Professor Kaijura (the Founder of the program) on the power of Empathy versus Sympathy and Mindfulness.

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